Flat-headed Cat #2

flat-headed cat

Very little information is available on the Flat-headed Cat’s ecology and behaviour. It is believed to be a solitary, nocturnal and crepuscular animal. All observations of individuals were made at night or in the early morning. Most sightings have been of them walking on riverbanks. The Flat-headed Cat has also been observed swimming across rivers. Similar to other cats it sprays urine marks, but does so unlike any other cat: it walks forward in a crouching position leaving a trail on the ground.

Stay tuned for more information on this elusive feline!

Have you ever seen a Flat-headed Cat, either in captivity or in the wild? Please comment below and tell us your experience!

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  1. philip telfer

    Yes, we saw 2 Flat headed Cats in Borneo, 10 years ago, along the Kinabatangan River. Seen at night from quite close range slowly walking along the river bank. Have been back two more times with no new sightings.

    • Pat Bumstead

      You were very lucky! Not that there are a lot of them, but most reported sightings are at night along the bank of the Kinabatangan River. Hopefully that isn’t the only place the cats live, but upcoming field projects should help answer those questions.

  2. mimi

    just came back from a visit to France and the Parc des felins, but sadly, they didn’t have any flat headed cats. they had two close relatives, though, the Asian golden cat and the fishing cat..

    • Pat Bumstead

      The only captive flat-headed cats that We are aware of are two in a zoo in Thailand. We don’t have a great deal of info on zoos though so if we’re wrong I hope someone lets us know!

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