Wild Cats

caracalThree quarters of the world’s wild cat species are about the size of a house cat or a bit larger.

Even though the small cats make up the majority of the Cat or Felidae Family, most people are unaware of these tiny felines. Education and public awareness are major components of wildcat conservation, so we are happy to provide fact sheets on all wild cats, broken down by continent:




North America

South America


The small wild cats alphabetically:

African Golden Cat * Andean Cat * Asiatic Golden Cat

Black-footed Cat * Bobcat * Borneo Bay Cat

Canada Lynx * Caracal * Clouded Leopard

Eurasian Lynx 

Fishing Cat * Flat-headed Cat

Geoffroy’s Cat

Iberian Lynx 

Jaguarundi * Jungle Cat


Leopard Cat (including Iriomote Cat)

Marbled Cat * Margay

Ocelot * Oncilla

Pallas’ Cat * Pampas Cat

Rusty-spotted Cat

Sand Cat * Serval * Sunda Clouded Leopard

Wildcat African, European

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    Congratulations for this web site. I am conducing a research with personal economic resources about density and behavior of pampas cat in Perú all support for this adventure is Welcome!!

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  3. I have been a huge admirer and enthusiast of all wild cats in the world, but I admit, I don’t know too much about the smaller members of the Felidae Family. I love your website