Flat-headed Cat #1

flat-headed cat

The Flat-headed cat, Prionailurus planiceps, is one of the world’s least known yet most threatened wild cats. Despite being categorized on the IUCN Red List as Endangered since 2008, this cat has received very little scientific and conservation attention anywhere in its range, which includes Sumatra, Borneo and the Malayan Peninsula.

The lack of ecological knowledge about this felid hinders assessment of threats, conservation status and ecological needs. It also undermines efforts to protect this species.

Stay tuned for a lot more information on this elusive feline!

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  1. Nora Davidson

    We hope to hear more conservation efforts are going on for the Flat Headed cat.

    • Pat Bumstead

      We are in fact working with a well-known researcher who is planning a flat-headed cat project in an area never studied before. No details yet, but as soon as we can release anything it will be on our blog!

  2. Julie L. Moore

    The only recent records I found were in Tantipisanuh, N. et al. (2014) “Recent distribution records, threats and conservation priorities of small cats in Thailand,” Cat New Special issue 10:36-44, Autumn. There was one paragraph, p.39-40, with one reference cited. I thought this minuscule paragraph might be of interest to you. The whole issue is about small cats in Southeast Asia. But only one paragraph on the flat-headed cat.

    • Pat Bumstead

      Thank you Julie. We do have that issue, but there is an absolute dearth of information available on the flat-headed cat. We have a few scientific papers but as the cat has never been studied, most of them are just recording sightings. There are, however, one or possibly two ecological field projects coming in the next few months that are focused on this species. As soon as we can release details they will be on our blog. Stay tuned.

    • Pat Bumstead

      Thanks Mimi. Wait until you see the rest of the flat-headed cat photos we’ll be sharing over the next few weeks!

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