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sand cat t shirt


Sand Cat T Shirt

Sand cats are tiny 6 pound wild cats from the harshest deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. This sand cat tee is an ISEC exclusive, and comes with a fact sheet on the species. Black t shirt with white print. 100% pre shrunk cotton. Adult sizes M, L, XL. $25.95 CDN (approx $19.20 US).



cougar t shirt

High Country Cougar T Shirt

One of the most spectacular cougar shirts we’ve ever come across. This magnificent cat stalking his territory under the light of the moon is sure to be a hit with mountain lion fans. Dark khaki t shirt. 100% preshrunk cotton. Adult sizes M, L, XL. $25.95 CDN (approx $19.20 US).



wildcat haven book

Wildcat Haven

The Scottish wildcat may look like a giant domestic tabby, but it is a formidable and fearless opponent of mankind. The author of this book became the custodian of two spitfire kittens, found abandoned in a ditch when only a few weeks old. The kittens were only seven months old when a spitting and snarling ten-year-old tomcat arrived from London Zoo. Mike resolved to breed a wildcat family and prepare them for a return to the wild.

One man’s extraordinary adventures in raising and releasing no fewer than three litters are full of incident, at times hilarious, and deeply moving. $ 33.95 CDN (approx $25.00 US)

ISBN 978-1904445-75-3; 6.5 x 9.5 inches; softback; liberally illustrated; 216 pages


carnivores of the pampasCarnivores of the Pampas

For four years Dr. Mauro Lucherini and his team in Argentina assessed the viability of the pampas grasslands by monitoring the activities of the top predators. Now a publication by Lucherini’s group brings the diversity of pampas carnivores to life in two languages. Part field guide, part field journal, it provides a brief factual chapter on each pampas carnivore, from the unusual jaguarundi to the humble hog-nosed skunk, from the puma to the pampas fox. Most of these carnivores have been little studied, and their conservation status is unknown, making the research of Lucherini’s group all the more urgently needed. PFact sheets on each species are followed by reports which outline the challenges faced by researchers studying these animals in a human-altered landscape. $23.95 CDN (approx $18.10 US)

ISBN 0-9689278-5-8; 6 x 9 inches; softback; English/Spanish; 126 pages

isec lapel pin


ISEC Lapel Pin

This clever design incorporates our ISEC initials into a black cat shape. 1 inch pin. Black & gold colors. $5.00 CDN (approx $3.70 US).


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11 Responses

  1. Trisha

    Hello! Would you guys ever consider creating a shirt featuring the Asiatic Golden Cat? I’ve recently become enamored with this species and would like to represent it when I go out.

    • Pat Bumstead

      No, sorry we would never consider an Asiatic golden cat tee shirt. Very few people have ever heard of these cats so they would not likely sell very well!

      • Marcia L Goodrich

        Pat, I think Trisha has a point. I love my sand cat tee, even though I’d never known about sand cats before I stumbled across ISEC. I’d be interested in getting another shirt (or two) with a different cat on it, be it a golden cat or something else. [This is not meant to make more work for you, btw … ]

        • Pat Bumstead

          Marcia, in the past we did have a variety of cats on tee shirts but t shirts just don’t sell any longer. I used to have my own business selling wildlife t shirts but shut it down last year due to lack of sales. The other problem is that to get a silk screened t shirt you have to order a minimum of 48 shirts. Initial outlay + shirts not selling… The sand cat tee is special, but even that sells only to our members and cat friends, not to the general public.

  2. Kevin Clarke

    I really like this site and we look forward to each issue of the Cat Times that comes in the mail. I just completed my yearly donations and am so glad that you are here to help the small cats. They need all the help they can get. Take care and happy new year!
    Kevin Clarke

  3. CaliCat

    The pins are BEAUTIFUL! Everyone loved them! AND everyone fell in LOVE with Benjamin. He’s the best sales-cat in the world!

    Happy New Year!


  4. CaliCat

    I want to give a gift/donation to my family for Christmas. Can I somehow make the contribution in accord with purchasing the Cat Pins? The Pins are $5 each. I would be paying approximately $100.00, (perhaps, even, a bit more) Your foundation is a FANTASTIC one! I’m sure there are MANY cat lovers who also think it’s WONDERFUL! I would NEED only 11 pins….and the remaining balance is for the Fund. Or I could even contribute a bit more for these cats…..can we talk about this? I search for a worthy cause every year, and was DELIGHTED to find these cats! I LOVE them!
    Help? Please?

    Callie Reisch

      • Callie

        You are Amazing……I recently “re-upped”, and I’m so happy I did! I love the good work this wonderful organization accomplishes.
        I tell everyone I can about this Awesome Small Cat Society.
        I’m so happy that the Sand Cat goal was met! I took THAT VERY personally!
        Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

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