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margay Leopardus wiediiOne of the biggest threats to small wild cats is lack of knowledge. People don’t know most of the small cats exist or the threats they face. Scientists are just beginning to study many small felines, and their research helps lawmakers understand how to save cats and their habitat.

Our member newsletters bring it all together. Articles and photos of cats around the world introduce people to the small cats. We share the results of field studies in the cats’ native countries. Once people have learned about the small cats they want to help, which in turn means more support for field research on small wild cats.

ISEC Canada members live in eleven countries from North & South America to Europe and Australasia . They are the heart of our organization and we treat them accordingly. We do not give, sell, rent or loan our membership information to anyone. We do not send unsolicited emails.

Sign up for our CyberCats membership and receive the only email newsletter about wild cat conservation issues. Members also receive notice of any special  announcements in the cat conservation world. If you prefer to hold your news in your hands, we still offer the option of a paper newsletter, which comes out quarterly.

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B F CATCyberCats Membership

Our full color CyberCats email newsletter is sent to members the first day of each month. Our open rate is more than 3 times the average – members love the cats! $26.00 Cdn/year (approx. $19.00 US).


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Purr-fect Package Membership

One of our most popular membership levels, you receive the monthly CyberCats newsletter plus our signature Sand Cat T shirt for only $36.00 Cdn(approx. $26.00 US).

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sand cat felis margaritaLifetime Membership

If you’re a REAL cat fan this is the membership level for you. Lifetime members receive the monthly newsletter, 10% discount on products, news bulletins on cat conservation, field research reports directly from biologists, a Sand Cat t shirt and special reports as issued. Never worry about renewing your membership again! $400.00 Cdn (approx. $295.00 US).


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We realize not everyone wants to get their information on the computer. Our black & white Cat Times printed newsletter is mailed via Canada Post airmail four times a year. $30.00 Cdn per year (approx. $21.00 US).


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6 Responses

  1. Callie

    Hi Pat! Callie here!
    I want to wish you, and EVERY other team member, a very happy and HOPEFUL New Year!

    I’m so disappointed that I forgot to order my calenders this year…I can’t begin to tell you how much we shall miss them this year. Any chance of them becoming available again later? I truly hope so!

    I continue to share my experience with you whenever I get the opportunity…I wear my Sand Cat shirts all the time, (I bought several), and the moment a cat lover sees it, I always share your pamphlets, and encourage folks to seek your website.

    I know you will continue your amazing works..

    CaliCat (Callie Reisch)

    • Pat Bumstead

      Thanks for the wonderful words Callie, and all the work you do for the small cats. Unfortunately we will not be reprinting the Pallas’s cat calendars so I’m afraid you missed out this year!

    • Pat Bumstead

      Our Lifetime membership is a one-time payment. There are no monthly, yearly or fees of any kind once you purchase a Lifetime membership.

  2. Devon R. Freebern

    I’m looking into information for Wild Cat Conservation as a career, and would love help, it’s extremely difficult to find information on this topic, please email if you have information that can help me make this a career.
    Thank you,
    Devon R. F.

    • Pat Bumstead

      You need to focus on university courses for biology, zoology or other wildlife sciences. It is an extremely difficult field to get into, and university backing is essential.

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